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For Kathy Biscotti, that means applying for 10 to 20 jobs a week. “I applied for a job yesterday. There were 865 applications went in for that one job.” Ms. Biscotti fears she will become homeless and unable to buy food or pay for without unemployment payments. Many Americans make promises, or resolutions, at the beginning of the new year. Her New Year’s is to find work. “I hope that things turn around in 2014 and I find a job. But I’m pretty much hopeless, in , discouraged, ashamed.” Lawmakers have extended unemployment payments 11 times. President Obama says Congress must do so again. “I think we’re a better country than that. We don’t each other when times are tough.” This week, the United States Senate has been such a proposal. But experts say it could be difficult to pass. Support for extended unemployment has weakened as the economy has . But even with recent employment gains, the number of Americans without jobs for more than 27 months is the highest it has ever been. These people represent about 40 percent of the total unemployed in America.
















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